Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 2012

For those who knows me in a stamping sense they know very well that scrapbooking is not something I do. My patience is not quite good enough for more than cards and something that can be done in a few hours. But I found some frames btw Christmas and New Years and thought that maybe it was time to try something new and broaden my horizon.

My brother has just been visiting for a couple of weeks from Denmark and we had a few photos taken in different places around Cairns. I thought my parents would like a couple of photos of us together, where we are not fighting so thought this would be a great test to my scrapbooking abilities.

I am fairly sure that a couple of scrappers I know would say this is cheating, but hey you have to start somewhere, and I am actually quite happy with the result.

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  1. That's terrific! You gave me a great laugh at the "not fighting" part. :) Kudos to you for expanding your horizons and the images and LO are wonderful!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to link up your talent and creative ideas with us at Make It Monday!
    Happy Crafting...
    Lisa xx